Supervised Independent Living

The Manos Supervised Independent Living (SIL) Program serves clients who have completed substance abuse treatment at Manos House or similar programs but lack an appropriate release resource. Many clients realize that their best chance for success lies in not returning to their previous environment. While in treatment, clients learn the skills necessary to live sober and responsible lives in the community.

Obtained Employment in SIL (%)90%
PGHS Grad/ Adv Grade (%)85%
Made Sig. Debt Payments82%

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Clients are responsible for daily cleaning, finding and maintaining employment, and furthering their education. office1Counselors provide guidance and support as clients learn these new skills. Trained substance abuse counselors provide further drug and alcohol treatment to aid clients in avoiding relapse as they re-enter the community. The program also offers recreational, spiritual, psychological, and vocational services to clients on an as-needed basis. Family therapy is available for clients who desire to improve their family relationships.

The Manos Supervised Independent Living Program offers clients a unique opportunity to gradually re-enter the community while residing in a supportive environment. Early in treatment, clients’ access to the community is limited as counselors aid clients in locating employment, furthering their education, and developing future plans. In the later stages of treatment, clients are allowed a great deal of freedom in planning their schedules and managing their time as they prepare for independence. The program’s balance of’ structure and freedom, implemented by caring counselors in a supportive environment, provides a life-changing experience for clients as they prepare to live independently.


Do all SIL referrals come from the Manos House Program?

No, SIL referrals may come from Manos House, however; outside referrals are welcome from families, insurance, CYA and JPOs.

Can SIL clients work?

Yes, employment is an integral part of a client’s treatment plan and is a requirement for a client upon discharge if he is seeking independent living.

Can SIL clients receive visits while in treatment at SIL?

Yes, SIL clients may receive visits from immediate family members once they enter the program, however; visit requests must take place at least 24 hours in advance and have the approval of their primary counselor. Visits from people other than immediate family members, can take place after level 1 is achieved and only during clinical hours with a 24-hour request to the primary counselor.

Can SIL clients complete community service hours while at SIL?

Yes, SIL has several community contacts that welcome SIL clients to have the opportunity to complete their community service hours. Community service hours cannot be scheduled until a client achieves a level one status.

Does SIL accept female clients?

No, SIL only accepts adjudicated males between the ages of 16-20 years of age.