Philosophy Of Change

Stages of Change:
Manos House uses the “Stages of Change” as a treatment model for therapy. nextstep2The basic premise of this model is that the expectation to change behaviors is often met with resistance. This resistance cannot be overcome without steadily exploring the risks and benefits that a sober lifestyle can provide. Developing the internal desire to make positive life changes is accomplished by exploring the client’s current stage of change. In order to help our clients move through the stages, we use the Motivational Interviewing approach which allows each therapist to embrace resistance as a necessary part of the treatment process.


BARJ Philosophies:

In conjunction with traditional drug and alcohol treatment and education, Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Services (DARS), Inc. meets the requirements of the balanced approach and restorative justice philosophies (BARJ).

All of the programs are designed to meet the needs of the client, the community, and the victim. Residents participate in numerous community service projects at various nonprofit agencies, work in the community to help restore restitution, and involve themselves in “shadowing” programscampus4 as part of their school experience.

As a result, each resident develops:

  • a sense of competency,
  • a stronger work ethic,
  • victim empathy,
  • and respect for authority

in a structured environment which allows for community protection.