Private High School

Prospect Grove High School

Prospect Grove High School, a private school licensed through the Pennsylvania Department of Education, provides year-round education for high school students in our residential treatment program.

Mission Statement:
Effectively empower students through academics for the school of life.

Prospect Grove teaches residents how to become good students and how to take responsibility for their education by emphasizing the importance of life-long learning. Academic focus concentrates on advancing student knowledge and skills in the core content areas: English, Math, Science, Social Studies, Health  and Physical Education. Electives are offered both online and in the classroom in the areas of culinary arts, reading, art and more.  All teachers are state certified in their subject areas and are trained in differentiated instruction.  Students also have the opportunity to take a course in Transitions which prepares them for success by equipping them with resumes, job interviews and many other employability skills training.

Prospect Grove offers small classes, so all students experience individualized attention. The average teacher to student ratio is 1:9. In an effort to ensure a successful educational experience for all students, a specialized educational instructor provides one-on-one tutoring and offers classroom support to students who need extra help.

Prospect Grove appreciates each student’s uniqueness-we encourage students to discover their individual learning styles and strive to promote learning through the multiple intelligences. Hands-on learning, real world application, field trips, and various electives are just a few of the resources we utilize to capture students’ interest and excitement for learning.

Prospect Grove designs curriculum to meet the PA state standards and the courses parallel the general education classes offered in public schools. We utilize various assessments to monitor student progress and determine areas for focused instruction in each subject. CDT testing is an intervention tool used to diagnose potential difficulties students may have in achieving proficiency in state required benchmarks.

Prospect Grove provides an excellent opportunity for educational advancement because courses are completed, and credits are awarded, in 8-week intervals. Daily attendance and student participation is required to help ensure that students are successfully meeting their educational goals.

We offer three distinct educational paths. Upon completion of our program, the traditional path allows students to focus on earning high school credits to make a smooth, successful transfer back to their home school.

Students who have completed the majority of their required high school credits before joining us, participate in our graduation path, which provides them the opportunity to earn a high school diploma and graduate from our private school.

The third option is our GED path where students learn the skills necessary to attain a nationally recognized general education diploma; after students work through this course they have the opportunity to take the official GED test before leaving our program.  DARS Inc. is also recognized as an official state approved GED testing center.  Prospect Grove students are more successful at passing their GED on their first attempt than those testing in a public testing center.  

By learning effective study habits, by taking responsibility for their schoolwork, and by being respectful to the teacher and fellow students, residents practice the skills necessary for a successful transition to school, work, and society once they complete our program.

Academic FAQs

How can I contact the teachers/school?

Email the Educational Director here.

Can my son graduate from Prospect Grove High School?

Yes, if he successfully completes all PA graduation requirements, he can earn a Prospect Grove High School Diploma, and if he chooses, he can participate in an official graduation ceremony. This diploma is no different than that which he would receive from any other private school in the state of PA!

If my son earns his GED can he still attend college?

Yes, the GED is a nationally recognized General Education Diploma and is accepted at 97% of all colleges.

If my son returns to his home school district, can all the courses/credits from PGHS transfer?

Yes, we are a licensed PA Private school. All schools will accept PGHS credits.

When are report cards issued?

We are a year-round school and thus have 6 marking periods. We issue report cards/credits every 8 weeks.

What if my son needs/wants extra help/tutoring?

In addition to meeting with teachers after school, students have the opportunity to work with one of our volunteer tutors for one-on-one support; we also employ a full-time special education teacher who meets with individual students on a regular basis.