Manos House

Manos House

Manos House is a long term residential, drug and alcohol, treatment program which provides a wide array of counseling and supportive services over a six to twelve month treatment experience.

Treatment consists of group, family, individual, psychoeducational and recreational therapy.

Group counseling occurs five times a week and provides the participants with incentive and motivation to make personal changes in their lives – including specialized ART Groups (Aggression Replacement Training®).group2

Family involvement is essential to a successful treatment experience. Families are encouraged to participate in bimonthly family therapy, weekend visitation, and the monthly Parent Communication Nights.

Individual counseling is conducted with the primary counselor on a weekly basis and serves as the mechanism to create treatment goals and appropriate intervention strategies.

In addition, residents participate in a complete pychoeducation curriculum that focuses on developing appropriate social skills, drug and alcohol education, and preparation for re-entry into society, home, school, and the workplace.

  • The clinical staff is thoroughly trained in all of the therapy techniques and work in conjunction with an experienced consulting psychologist for direction and guidance.

Manos FAQs

Manos House Program FAQs:

Where is the program located and how do I get there?

Both the Manos House and DARS, Inc Supervised Independent Living Program are located in Lancaster, PA. For driving directions from your location please refer to the Contact Us Page.

Who can visit and how often will I be able to visit?

All DARS, Inc Programs believe in maintaining family contact as much as possible and offer numerous opportunities to visit. In order to insure that all those visiting are appropriate, we ask that the client’s primary counselor approve each individual. If an individual is not approved, they will not be permitted into the facility.

In terms of opportunities to visit, Manos House staff will schedule an orientation visit within the first or second week for appropriate family members. We also offer two monthly programs – Parent Communication Night and Family Writing Circle. Please see the calendar of events for scheduled dates and times. All weekend visits begin following the successful completion of the Status I program – typically 2 months.

What type of family activities will I be able to attend?

The following is a list of family activities that are offered monthly:

Family Counseling- 1- 2 sessions a month
Parent Communication Night- last Thursday of the month
Family Writing Circle- See Calendar of Events
Weekend Visitation- 2 months into individual program.
Limit of four visitors with identification.
Holiday activities- see calendar of events

What personal items can my son have in the program?

Since there are no uniforms at Manos House, each client is able to have his own personal clothing. Staff will not permit any articles of clothing that reflects negativity, which includes but is not limited to music, drugs, gangs, and/or violence.

Clients are also permitted to have their own personal hygiene items such as soap, shampoo, deodorant, and razor. Manos House does not allow any items that are aerosol or contain alcohol as the main ingredient.

Is there a need for money?

Upon entering the program, each client will have an account established for any money they have upon entrance. Money is only necessary for bi-monthly haircuts and for stamps. We do not allow for an excess amount of money to be placed in the account due to the limited need for money. When the account needs replenished, a family member can send or drop-off money with staff.

When will my son be able to come home?

Clients are not permitted to return home until they have earned the privilege of home passes. These passes are awarded as a client transfers from a Status II to a Status III. These passes are subject to changes based on client behavior and County Probation Office approval.

Status System and Privileges

Status Rewards:

Status I
• Daily Rec Time
• Send and Receive Mail
• 10 Minute Weekly Phone Call (20 Minutes if LE Free)
• Participation in Family Events

Status II
• All from Status I
• In-house Weekend Visits
• Weekend Activities (starting at 20 days)
• Staff Supervised Community Service Details
• Haircut privileges

Status III
• All from Status II
• One Four Hour Local Community Pass the Weekend Prior to Status IV Promotion
• Community Supervised Community Service Details

Status IV
• All from Status III
• One Eight Hour Community Pass the Second Weekend as a Status IV
• One Weekend Homepass the Weekend Prior to Status V Promotion

Status V
• All from Status IV
• Two Homepasses

Status VI
• Two Homepasses
• Discharge Preparations

Will my son receive ongoing medical attention while in the program?

Upon entering the Manos House program, each client is given a physical to evaluate medical concerns and to develop a course of treatment when warranted. Psychiatric care is also offered on an as needed basis. We do ask that parents/guardians do not send in any medication from home.